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Ajit Bhai is the Times Man of the year 2019 for the excellence in social work!

Ajit Shah is the Times Man of the year 2019 for the excellence in social work.
In a glittering function held in Hotel Hyatt on Thursday evening, he received his citation from Bollywood’s actress Chitrangada Singh.
We all know Ajit Bhai as an acknowledge ad-man from Gujarat who founded Ahmedabad’s leading accredited ad agency, Ajit Ads, in the 80s and consequently also co-founded Ahmedabad’s top OoH and BTL firm, Het Graphics, but not many know that he is more known in the national and state’s circuit for his exemplary social work.

The citation presented to Ajit Bhai by Times Group
Ajit Ramanlal Shah, picked up the craft of social work as a 19 year old teen during the dark days of emergency. His father Late Ramanlal Shah with many other active members of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh had to go underground during the 19-long months of emergency. There were numerous families like his own, which had to suffer the ordeal. It was a challenge to the families to sustain through the long absence of their family heads. Ajit Bhai then dared to challenge the might of the state and reached out to the suffering families’ needs. He collected supplies from willing contributors and door delivered them to numerous families quite sneakily from the preying eyes of police which had kept a close watch on such families.
Since then he never looked back and reached out to suffering humanity. Today he is known more for his social works than his own core profession of Advertising.

Ajit R Shah receiving the Man of the year 2019 award’s citation from the Bollywood acteress Ms. Chitrangada Singh at Hyatt in Ahmedabad on Thursday evening.
Ajit Bhai as he is fondly called, is associated with many social service organizations like Bharat Vikas Parishad [BVP] and is involved in varied range of philanthropic work. As its National Vice President he oversees its operation of over 1400 branches in the country. He travels extensively on weekends for BVP’s programs across the country.
BVP runs Help centers which provides:
Artificial limbs and rehabilitation for handicaps,
Medical equipment support center for pre-or post-hospitalization at home for needy,
Free food supplies to the needy in-patients and their attendants.
ICU on wheels services for critically ill patients
Adoption of villages to make them self-sufficient,
Physiotherapy centers,
Homeopathy clinics,
Generic Medicine stores,
Eye & Body donation,
Free Medical Equipment’ supplies for Tribals.
Besides BVP, Ajit Bhai is an active member of the Gujarat Prant’s RSS where he currently is organizing Chitra Bharati Film Festival 2020 which would actively promote thematic short films based on Indian values and culture, Social Harmony, Indian Folk Arts, National Security, Environment and Ecology, Women, Bravery, Nationalism, Education for nation building and the likes.
Ajit Bhai is also the Chairman of the Panchvati Branch of Kalupur commercial Co-operative Bank Limited, which undertakes a numerous CSR activities round the year. Celebrating its Golden Jubilee Year this year, Kalupur Bank has planned a number of social service activities which Ajit Bhai is supervising.
The list of his social service sphere is long. Ajit Bhai also is: Vice President of Hindu Spiritual & Service Foundation of Gujarat, President of Shri Chintamani Parshavanth Yuvak Mandal, Member, Ethics Committee of U N Mehta Institute of Cardiology & Research Centre, Member, Executive Committee of Jain International Trade Organization [JITO], Member, Executive Committee of Swetamber Murtipujak Jain Maha Sangh, Advisory Committee Member of Jivdaya Charitable Trust which is known for providing medical care to stray animals, Patron and Advisor to Ahmedabad Advertising Circle Association, Trustee, Major Shri Rishikesh Ramani Trust, Trustee, Parshwapuram Trust, Trustee, Sree Betalisa Visa Shrimali Jain Trust, Trustee, Jambudeep Pedhi, Palitana,
On professional front, Ajit Bhai is founder & promoter of Gujarat’s top accredited ad agency called Ajit Ads, Top ATL, BTL & OoH company called HET graphics, Anand Niketan, leading CBSE school in Mahesana having over 1500 students, Avirat a financing Consulting firm, Het Construction and Ranniti, a brand strategizing firm which all have a strength of over 300 skilled professionals.

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