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Arundhati, Mamata, Cong our sympathizers, claims Pak commentator

New Delhi: Hungry desert snakes are forced to eat their own tails.

This is now happening in India where pro-Pakistani “intellectuals” are being exposed by a pulverized Pakistanis themselves in what, in geopolitical parlance, is known as “scorched-earth policy”—destroy your assets so they do not fall in the enemy’s hands.

Completely cornered globally, a frustrated Pakistan has now launched a “serious and sustained” campaign to expose its supporters in India so as to trigger public anger against them.  Islamabad would then launch a vicious propaganda against India’s “undemocratic” steps to muzzle voices even outside Jammu and Kashmir.

That is why former Pakistani High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit, has claimed that he managed socialite Shobha De pen an article favouring a plebiscite in J&K. Trying to put her records straight in an India, already charged up on the J&K issue, she denied the claim and defended herself to chicken out of the tactics.

More such misinformation and denials may surface soon.

For, a Pakistani “expert” Mushahid Hussain has also exposed India’s well-known Pakistan sympathizers.

Coming home to roost: This is only the beginning when pro-Pakistani “intellectuals” in India will have it all.

“We will have to approach the Kashmir issue in a serious and sustained manner. This is going to be a long battle. Many Indians are our sympathizers, like Arundhati Roy, Mamata Banerjee, Congress party, Communist party, Dalit parties. All of India is not with Modi,” he claimed during a debate on news channel Geo TV.

But this expose is unlikely to deter India’s anti-Modi hysterics from their chosen path of destroying their own party and credentials. In the last few days, oblivious of Congress Party’s multiple-organ failures, senior party leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad, P Chidambaram, Digvijaya Singh and others have exactly followed this path, leaving no stone unturned to make their Grand Old Party a national laughing stock.

In particular, Chidambaram is trying to divert the people’s attention from his and his family’s financial misadventures and court cases. He is also, apparently, preparing the ground in case of arrests when he would  accuse the government of “political vendetta”.

Meanwhile, jumping from one self-defeating move to another, a frustrated Pakistan has announced to observe August 14 as ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ and August 15 as ‘Black Day’ after India scrapped the Article 370 of the Constitution that accorded special status to Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcated the border state into two Union Territories (UTs).

All along, India has maintained that reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter, a position supported by many other countries—but not by the Congress and other parties and pro-Pakistan elements.

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