Ashok Gehlot-led Rajasthan Government wins confidence motion by voice vote

New Delhi: The Congress government in Rajasthan, led by Chief Minister Ashok Ghelot on Friday has successfully peddled its way out, winning the motion of confidence with a voice vote.

After the months of uncertainty caused by the former deputy CM Sachin Pilot’s rebellion, Ghelot had an expected win with the return of the 19 dissident MLAs led by Pilot to the party-fold. The MLAs of the two camps had met face to face for the first time on Thursday at the Congress Legislature Party meeting and decided to move a confidence motion in the assembly.

After his government won the trust vote in Rajasthan Assembly, Congress leader Sachin Pilot said that this victory will put an end to all speculations.

“The vote of confidence which was brought by the government has been passed with a very good majority today in the Rajasthan Assembly. Despite various attempts by the opposition, the result is in favour of the government, Congress leader Sachin Pilot said.

“This has put a full stop on all suspicions that were rising. A roadmap has been prepared for all the issues that were being raised. I have complete faith, that roadmap will be announced timely,” Pilot said.

The debate had presented a united front and attacked the opposition party BJP for its alleged role in a conspiracy to topple the Congress government.

CM Ashok Gehlot accused the BJP top brass, including Home Minister Amit Shah of trying to topple his government and claimed that the defeat in Assembly elections had left the opposition party in shock.

“The defeat has shocked you and your leaders. Several of your central leaders were involved in the conspiracy. You are talking about the deputy CM. That conspiracy was by you, your party, your central high command,” Ashok Gehlot said. In his speech during the trust vote debate, Sachin Pilot said problems within Congress have been sorted out and added that the ruling party stands united.

-Prachi Vyas


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