China funded ISI to disrupt peace in India: Report

New Delhi: Beijing takes every unnecessary step to disturb the peace in India and now a report says that China funded Pakistani intelligence agency ISI to disrupt the peace in India.

The Union Home Ministry of India has tracked down the rupees one thousand crore hawala which was allegedly headed by the Chinese people’s liberation army (PLA).

According to a media report – hawala network was supported by a Pakistan spy network to establish espionage networks in India. Money was raised by hawala in India and then handed over to the ISI to undertake subversive activities in India.

It may be recalled that the Enforcement Directorate had registered a case in connection with the China hawala scam. The case was filed against Luo Sang alias Charlie Peng and others under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) 2002.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) said that “The Income Tax Department conducted raids against some Chinese individuals and their local associates for allegedly indulging in a money laundering racket involving Rs 1000 crore using shell or dubious firms,”

“Subsidiary of Chinese company and its related concerns have taken over Rs 100 crore bogus advances from shell entities for opening businesses of retail showrooms in India,” CBDT added. The CBDT is a framing policy for the tax department.

On the illegal activities of Chinese nationals in India – CBDT said that “the searches were launched based on credible inputs that a few Chinese individuals and their Indian associates were involved in money laundering and hawala transactions through a series of shell entities.”

Anti-India operation was operated by the Chinese nationals Luo Sang and Charlie Peng.

42-year-old Peng was using a fake Indian passport and he is accused of creating a web of sham companies which he used to launder hawala funds to and from China.

In investigation – Team found that they were doing this from the last three years and he was involved in the import and export of medical and electronic goods and also other items.

Peng confessed that he married a woman from Manipur and then got the fake passport. Except passport – he received an Aadhar card also.

Peng has no clear criminal record. The special cell of Delhi police already arrested him once in 2018 in the charges of fraud and forgery. At that time he was accused of running an illegal money changer.


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