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Coronavirus: Ahmedabad registers 12 positive cases, 3,000 under quarantine

Gandhinagar: With Ahmedabad registering 12 corona-positive cases, Gujarat has confirmed 36 cases so far forcing the Gujarat government to send 27,000 people under quarantine, including 3,000 in Ahmedabad.

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordering a 21-day, nationwide lockdown on Tuesday night, a large number of people rushed to stock up supplies in panic buying, thus defeating the very purpose of isolation.

The government has taken several steps to stem this tide and, on Wednesday, began to implement strict isolation rules.

Some people who returned from abroad recently have shown symptoms of corona affliction. Those who came in touch with them in Ahmedabad number nearly 3,000 who have all been quarantined.

Meanwhile, India reported 11 deaths and over 580 infections due to the coronavirus, which has thrown normal life out of gear.

Globally, more than 4.23 lakh infections and 18,919 deaths were confirmed.


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