ELECTROTHERM SOLAR LTD Awarded NASA’S JPL – VITAL Ventilator Manufacturing License to Combat the Global COVID-19 Crisis

Electrotherm Solar Limited is the first company from Gujarat who has been awarded a global license by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to manufacture, distribute, sell and service NASA JPL’s – VITAL Ventilator in the fight against COVID-19.

The NASA’s JPL – VITAL Ventilator represents a feat of mechanical design, engineering and ingenuity,  Siddharth Bhandari, MD , Electrotherm Solar Ltd stated. “The VITAL ventilator is EUA FDA-Cleared and is designed to be built with components outside the current medical device supply chain and therefore does not impact the existing supply chain of currently made ventilators. We are thankful to NASA and JPL ( Jet Propulsion Laboratory ) for providing us with the license of Vital Ventilator and giving us this opportunity in helping fight this global pandemic. We look forward to take their vision of making VITAL a simpler and more affordable ventilator that will meet the domestic and worldwide demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Vital ventilator is unique, versatile, and designed for more acutely ill patients. It will satisfactorily meet the demands of those who require aggressive ventilatory support in a variety of clinical states, which may include low compliance, high resistance, hypoxia and hypercapnia. We would like to thank our mentor, Shri Mukesh Bhandari, Founder and Chairman of Electrotherm India Ltd, for guiding us in the process and the team of Electrotherm Solar Limited who worked very hard for this proud moment in our history.

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– વર્ષ 2016માં નોટબંધી બાદ 500 અને 1000 રૂપિયાની ચલણી નોટ બંધ કરવામાં આવી હતી – ત્યારબાદ મોટા પાયે 2000 રૂપિયાની ચલણી…

સુગર મિલોને મળશે રાહત, સરકારે ખાંડના નિકાસ ક્વોટાની મુદ્દત 3 મહિના લંબાવી

કોરના કાળમાં સુગર મિલોને રાહત આપવા સરકારનો નિર્ણય સરકારે ખાંડની નિકાસ માટેની સમયમર્યાદા વધુ ત્રણ મહિના વધારી તેનાથી સુગર મિલોને વધારે ખાંડ…

આજે ગુજરાત ક્લાઇમેટ ચેન્જ વિભાગનો સ્થાપના દિવસ, રૂપાણી સરકાર આ ક્ષેત્રે કરશે 10 નવા MoU

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