Everybody in the UK have to stay alert after end of the complete stay-at-home lockdown: UK Government

New Delhi: Government of the United Kingdom (UK) is going end the complete stay at home lockdown on December 2.

To stop the spread of coronavirus in the country – the UK government in parliament on Thursday announced that “London and other regions of England will move into Tier-2 of a three-tier Covid-19 restrictions system and remain at a high alert level at the end of the complete stay-at-home lockdown on December 2,”

The Health experts have already predicted that coronavirus cases may increase at top speed in winter season and this could be very dangerous for all the nations.

Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson had announced that “Blanket restrictions in England will end after a monthlong lockdown, to be replaced by a system of regional restrictions to try to insulate the worst-hit areas.”

“Hope is on the horizon but we still have further to go so we must all dig deep, the end is in sight, we mustn’t give up now, We must make sure our actions today will save lives in future and help get our country through this ” Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in Parliament.

As per the official data – more than 1.57 million people infected by the coronavirus in the UK and 57031 infected people killed by the deadliest virus so far.


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