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Exploring yourself by asking questions

Exploring yourself by asking questions


– By Dixita Mehta

We are very certain that “we are the only ones who are the best”. We roam around in the complex mind system of ‘I am okay’, ‘you are not okay’. Such a mindset brings about a win-lose situation. The goal of building a healthy society is not reached. What will be the way out when you find yourself in such a trap? The answer to this is self-introspection. In simpler words- “look within”. All the answers are already within. But the answers, we first need to ASK. Asking questions of relevance, asking questions that make us think, asking questions that make us feel.

If in Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta, Arjuna won’t have asked questions, how would have the conversation gone? There would be NO existence of the spiritual essence of the scripture Bhagavad Geeta. Curiosity is for sure the mother of invention. And in this series, we are going to find out some answers to the self-exploratory questions. I will be asking and answering 2 questions in this series. It is a humble request to all to answer them on your own at the comforts of your home. It will help you bring out the best in you. Do give it a thought and take your time while answering. There is absolutely no rush. Let us answer them honestly.

Question 1
What is one thing that will be worth doing, even if I fail?
Whenever I answer any self-exploratory question, the first thing I notice is how the question made me feel. When I saw this question, a sense of hope and happiness was filled. I felt an instant gush of life and started scanning all those things I wish I could have done but was not able to do till date.

This question also made me realise that people’s judgements on my life will be one important set back due to which I did not do things I wished to do. Regrets are the worst feeling. Your inhibitions or shortcoming makes you feel lesser of yourself. And the fear of failure makes us handicapped and weak. One thing that is worth doing, even if I fail is to sing. Not just bathroom singing, but to sing professionally, like a pro!

So, the question goes to the audience. What is that one thing you would do, that even if you fail you will feel the worth of it? The efforts would be apt.

Question 2
According to you, what sounds like an excellent morning routine?
This question first made me ask myself, I am a morning person or not? What does it really mean to be a morning person? When you wake up early, you add an extra hour to your day. So many things to be done in life, and we all complain of not having enough time. So yes, waking up one hour early than usual does add an extra hour but it must not be done at the cost of your sleep cycle. A good sleep is the key to a healthy living.

According to me, morning routine comprises of waking up early, meditating, yoga, reading a good article, having healthy breakfast, praying, cleaning your room, cooking good meal, listening to your favourite music and sipping on your favourite healthy drink. Spending quality time with myself. Doing activities that would nourish my mind and my body.

‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.’ This proverb suits me the most.

So these are the 2 questions for this article that I answered. I urge the readers to answer the same and write to us on our email address: mehtadixi@gmail.com