Farewell: Trump prays for Biden’s success in ‘keeping America safe’

 By Vinayak Barot

 New Delhi: Hours before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, outgoing US President expressed the hope that his successor would keep America safe and prayed for him.

He indicated that he might be out of the White House but will continue to remain active.

In a pre-recorded farewell video message, released by the White House, Trump said: “Now more than ever, the Americans must unify around their shared values and rise above partisan rancor to forge their common destiny.”

Serving the US as its President was “an honor beyond description”, he added.

“Thank you for this extraordinary privilege. And that’s why it is a great privilege and a great honor,” Trump said.

“In the last four years, we restored American strength at home and American leadership abroad. The world respects us again. Please don’t lose that respect,” Trump said.

The outgoing, 45th President has recently imposed sanctions, bans, and restrictions on China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and many other nations and treated them strictly for their alleged anti-US activities.

The Trump Administration also took steps to create peace in Afghanistan and the Gulf countries also. Many American soldiers deployed abroad returned home in the last four years of President Trump.

Tehran, Beijing, Moscow, and Ankara are expecting to restore good relations with the US the leadership of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Indian-origin Kamala Harris will be sworn in as the Vice President of the US.

However, Trump had announced that he will not attend the ceremony.

Outgoing Vice President Mike Pence will remain present during the inaugural ceremony at the Capitol Hill.

Trump also criticized his Republican supporters for the recent attack on the US Capitol and said “The storming of the US Capitol by republican supporters on January 6, was one of the darkest days in the history of American democracy.”

“All Americans were horrified by the assault on our Capitol. Political violence is an attack on everything we cherish as Americans. It can never be tolerated. Now, more than ever, we must unify around our shared values and rise above the partisan rancor, and forge our common destiny,” Trump said.

After the incident, his social media accounts were banned by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Trump in his farewell speech indicated that he might be out of the White House, but he will continue to have an active public life.

“Now, as I prepare to hand power over to a new administration at noon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning. There’s never been anything like it. The belief that a nation must serve its citizens will not dwindle but instead only grow stronger by the day,” Trump said.

“I go from this majestic place with a loyal and joyful heart, an optimistic spirit, and a supreme confidence that for our country and for our children, the best is yet to come,” he said.

Political experts in the US are expecting the US to be stronger in the presidency of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Challenges from China, Iran, Russia, and other nations could be tough for the US in the future.

Restrictions, bans, and sanctions Trump imposed recently may be withdrawn in the first few days once Biden enters the White House.

Experts have already predicted that Iran may become a nuclear power if the US eases its grip on Tehran.

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