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PM launches public movement against corona

PM launches public movement against corona


NEW DELHI, Oct 8: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a public movement and appealed everyone to unite in the fight against corona.

Issuing an appeal for unity against Corona, Modi in a tweet, reiterated the key message of “wear a mask, wash hands, follow social distancing and practice do gaj ki doori.” The Prime Minister said “together we will succeed and win against the Covid-19.”

The campaign is being launched with the aim to encourage People’s Participation. Under the campaign, a COVID-19 Pledge will be taken by all. A Concerted Action Plan will be implemented by Central Government Ministries/ Departments and State Governments/ Union Territories with the following highlights:

  • Region- specific targeted communication in high case-load districts.
  • Simple and easily understandable messages to reach every citizen
  • Dissemination throughout the country using all media platforms
  • Banners and Posters at public places; involving Frontline workers and Targeting Beneficiaries of Government Schemes
  • Hoardings/ wall paintings/ electronic display boards in government premises
  • Involvement of Local and National influencers to drive home the message
  • Running mobile vans for regular awareness generation
  • Audio messages; pamphlets/ brochures on awareness
  • Seeking support of Local Cable Operators for running COVID messages
  • Coordinated media campaign across platforms for effective outreach and impact.

(Manas Dasgupta)