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Ram Temple: Fresh Hindu sculptures, Shivalinga, and artifacts unearthed

  • Fresh evidence of Hindu temples unearthed in Ayodhya site
  • Sculptures, carved pillars, Shivalinga found during ground-leveling
  • Supreme Court had ruled in favor of Hindus in November 2019.
Fresh evidence: Remains of a Hindu temple found again in the Ram Temple complex in Ayodhya

New Delhi: Even after the Supreme Court settled the Ram Temple issue in November 2019 in favor of the Hindus, fresh evidence has emerged in Ayodhya where the Shri Ramjambhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust has unearthed buried sculptures, pillars, and Shivalingas.

During the COVID-19 induced nationwide lockdown, the initial process for the construction of the Temple had commenced recently with due permissions.

During the ground-leveling, at least seven pillars of black touchstone, six pillars of red sandstone, a five-foot Shivalinga, and remains of idols of gods and goddess have been recovered from the Ram Janmabhoomi area.

According to VHP leader and Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust’s General Secretary Champat Rai, leveling of the ground started last week during which these artifacts were found in the debris of an unearthed structure. A Shivalinga was found there and another at Kuber Teela.

In 2003, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) had, following a directive from the Allahabad High Court, excavated the area and found that a temple pre-existed at the site where the Babri Masjid stood later. It was proved with the recovery of stone and decorated bricks, sculptures of gods, and pillars.

The mosque was demolished by the Hindus in December 1991.

In its November 9, 2019 judgment, the Supreme Court had also referred to the ASI’s findings in 2003 that the Babri Masjid was based on the walls of a large pre-existing structure. In its landmark verdict, the apex court’s Constitution Bench had unanimously ruled that the disputed 2.77-acre land in Ayodhya be handed over to the Hindu deity Ram Lalla. It also directed the Centre to allot five acres of land to the Sunni Waqf Board at a suitable place for the construction of a new mosque.

On March 25, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath shifted the Ram Lalla idols to a new makeshift temple at Manas Bhawan until their consecration at the new Temple.

The Hindu Maha Sabha lawyer Vishnu Jain said the Muslim side had, during a hearing in the Supreme Court, dubbed the Hindus as ‘Taliban’ and claimed that no remains of a temple were found at the disputed site. The fresh evidence is a response to their baseless claims.  


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