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Roving Periscope: POTUS polls from Watergate to Watermarks!

Virendra Pandit 

New Delhi: Will Donald Trump have the last laugh?

If so, what would be the fate of Joe Biden?

If true, it may turn out as an even more sensational disclosure than Richard Nixon’s Watergate Scandal, and sink America’s hard-earned reputation as a model democratic nation worth emulation for the rest of the world.

Recent reports from Washington and London suggest that US President Donald Trump is not actually bragging to have won the November 3 election and continue to stay in power for a second term from January 20, 2021. He may actually do so.

Because his carefully crafted ‘plan’ began to unfold, after the election: he has reportedly trapped the Democratic Party in its own machinations.

Consider this: Trump, the irrepressible business tycoon, had fought the Presidential election in 2016 to get even with the incumbent Barack Obama for having once forced him to sit on a backbench. Is then the current US President so naïve as to keep boasting about winning a second term?


Now he is reported to have carefully planned to trap the Democrats in an “election fraud”, and then have the Democrat challenger Joe Biden declared ‘defeated’ in the Supreme Court thanks to a Trump-appointed a favorite judge, so as to ensure his own prolonged stay at the planet’s best-known address.

According to reports, as soon as polling for the November 3 vote was completed, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) swung into action.

It’s Homeland Security launched the largest-ever election sting operation on November 13, which is 10 days after the crucial vote.

Over 500 elite units of this National Guard moved into all ballot counting depots across America to stand guard over all the printed ballots, which carried a specific, invisible watermark. They were all printed with QFS-Blockchain (unbreakable code) watermarks.

Millions of these ballots were examined through infrared laser scanners in various states. Nearly 80 percent of them failed the watermark criterion. And all 100 % of these failed ballots had voted for Biden, the reports said.

Few were aware that the Trumpites had placed an invisible watermark on ballots secretly to easily read their authenticity or otherwise, to ensure a recount.

The National Guards were deployed for this exercise in 12 targeted states, where the Democrats could swing the vote in their favor. These states were Alabama, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin Tennessee, Washington, Virginia, Delaware, Illinois, and Kentucky.

According to the reports, the Democrats fell right into the trap of this sting operation. The ‘secular’ media lost no time in declaring Biden the winner.

But wait for the last word.

And the last laugh!





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