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SJM proposes government control on 5G service

Raising national security concerns, an RSS-affiliate Sunday demanded that telecommunications shall be declared a critical and strategic infrastructure sector disallowing foreign firm, especially Chinese companies to enter. The Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) said India’s telecommunications network should be fully reserved for domestic companies on security grounds. “Once this is done, bans on imports cannot be challenged at the WTO”, SJM national co-convener Ashwani Mahajan told.

Today, China holds a significant section of India’s telecom networks and information dominance is at the core of China’s military strategy. The SJM also called for adoption of a “Buy Indian Act” and “Telecom Security Act” by Parliament, much like the US, Australia and New Zealand had done. Talking about the potential of Indian companies, it could build 100% indigenous networks, but they are not being encouraged by the government unlike other foreign countries.

Mahajan noted that if India adopts 5G service, it should be totally domestic and the Cloud component of 5G Core must be located in India.  Funds for proposed 6G should be deployed within the country for the development, he said.  “They (companies) get no support from the government while the industries of other countries get full support from their government,” he claimed.

He said the, while, experts expressing their opinion that even in ‘Smart City’ projects, only foreign companies are winning tenders, though such projects are supposed to help India’s development.

“The Chinese imports can also be banned for Government procurement under Clause 10 (D) of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) policy on Make in India,” he said.

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