US Studies: Minorities made up 78% of US Covid-19 pediatric deaths

New Delhi: A worst hit country by covid-19 coronavirus, the USA reports 78 per cent pediatric deaths.

A government released report on Tuesday, which says “Racial minorities accounted for 78 percent of Covid-19 deaths under the age of 21 in the United States between February and July,”

As per the CDC’s data (Centers for Disease control and prevention) out of 121 deaths among under-21s, 29 per cent among blacks, 45 per cent were among Hispanics, and four per cent among American Indians or Alaskan Natives.

According to statistics conclusion, together – these groups represent 41 per cent of the US population under 21.

The CDC reports mortality among children and youths is far lower than adults. The CDC reported 392,000 cases in the time period, which was eight percent of the total figure, and only 0.08 per cent of all deaths.

According to other investigation, boys and men are at greater risk and accounted for 63 per cent of deaths.

CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports are closely followed by health officials and professionals, was delayed in its publication following pressure by officials in the Trump administration.