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Labdhi Baal Vaarta Series

Man is a social animal. Not Only his physical but his mental needs should also be satisfied. He needs contact of other people by man to man relations or by books as a media to create social relationship.

The topic of reading is changing according to the age and interest of individuals. In childhood, we like fairy tales; in youth, we like real stories and in old age, we like stories of lords. Books give us real eyes and ears to enjoy the divine bliss along with practical knowledge which brings us on the epitome of knowledge. books are the safe deposit vaults of the learned. It is told by one of the great philosophers that “Books are like Universities”. Some Philosophers have related books to a museum or nectar of the words of great men. According to Ruskin, good books are like the King’s Treasure, in which a collection of good thoughts of great men are stored. Books show the Magnificent Past and teach us or empower us to live in present by the Ideals put before us which happened in past.

After all one who can read it and live it is a Real Reader.

These Short storybook “Labdhi Baal Varta” will surely be a turning point towards success for its readers.


Labhdi Baal Vaarta are wonderful short stores collected from Various Sources which were in Different Languages. We are Grateful to all those authors. Our Appriciation to Poojya Acharya Sri Raj – Yash Sooreeshwarjee M.S and his disciple Upadhyaya Vishrutyash Vijayaji Gani and Hema, Charvi of Walkeshwar, Satish Mardia Of Ahmedabad.

Special Thanks to Akshi, Anjali Mehta & Deshna Shah for compiling and Editing, and all the Donors and Printers for their Monetary & Physical support.